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G. Love and Special Sauce Live at Central Park Summerstage on 1995-06-18

1. Kiss And Tell (end)
2. Mother
3. Chains
4. Never Home
5. Soda Pop
6. Fresh Lila
7. Rhyme For The Summertime
8. Cold Beverage
9. Ice Cream Man
10. Blues Music ->
11. Trains
12. Baby's Got Sauce ->
13. Jam
14. outro

Collection G.LoveandSpecialSauce
Band/Artist G. Love and Special Sauce
Venue Central Park Summerstage
Location New York, NY

Source Audience
Lineage Tracks 1-6: Sony ECM-959 -> Denon DTR-80p (@16 bit/48khz) Tracks 7-14: Sony ECM-959 -> Realistic Mixer -> Denon DTR-80 (@16 bit/48khz) Transfer: Sony R500->Sound Devices 722 Mastered: Soundforge Pro 10.0b - *All file manipulation in Soundforge done at 24 bits*. Minor clap removal, volume normalization, sample rate conversion 48khz to 44.1khz using iZotope 64-Bit SRC set higher than "Highest Quality" setting w/anti-alias filter, then dithered back to 16 bits using using iZotope MBIT+ with Ultra noise shaping, High dither settings. Tracked in CDWav.
Taped by Scott Bernstein
Transferred by Scott Bernstein


You can hear some wind (and then me putting on the wind screen about 5 minutes into track 4)
Sounds like someone bumped into my mics stand about 1:50 into track 10

Recorded, Mastered, and Tracked by Scott Bernstein (5/7/2010).

BARN34 Taper notes:
It was a HOT, humid NYC summer Sunday afternoon -- one of the first scorchers of the summer. I'd already been to see G. Love once before, about a month earlier at Irving Plaza (after having heard his music for about 6 months or so). Unfortunately at the time I was working a job that required me to put in some weekend overtime, and just couldn't get there for the beginning of G. Love's set, but I only missed a song or 2 I think....

I had been thinking about posting this show ever since I mentioned using my Realistic Mixer at the Flecktones show I posted as BARN30, since this was the show I'd first experimented with it at. On this day, I'd brought my Realistic mixer with me since I knew I could get a soundboard patch for G. Love's set, but arriving in the midst of the show dashed that idea as it is a faux pas to ask the soundguy for anything during the set. So I just headed for the "sweet spot" at Summerstage, put my Sony stereo mic on a stand and started taping as soon as I could. It does sound really nice, but for some reason a flash hit me midshow that since I had the mixer with me I should try plugging my mic into the mixer and patching my deck out of that. So during the next break between songs I quickly unplugged the mic, plugged it into the mixer, changed the settings on my DAT and plugged the mixer into it. You guys will hear the immediate improvement in clarity, crispness, and depth of bass in the recording. All in all a great improvement, and I have no reason why I thought to do it, yet the results are clear.

Stepping a bit back from the technobabble, everyone at the show was hot and SWEATY, and you can hear the playing to the weather -- "Rhyme For The Summertime" sounds like a hot summer day, and in Garrett's rap during "Baby's Got Sauce" it just sounds like the humidity is thick in the air. He also dropped a few rarities, including "Fresh Lila" which I've never heard him perform before or since (it's a CD Single B side).

At this show, G. Love opened for the soul legend "King" Solomon Burke, who, on the order of 350 pounds, was attired in a gold lame suit and was carried out on a throne. He was pretty awesome, but the Summerstage security staff was not about to let me stay set up and openly record him.



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Reviewer: deadheaduk - - October 14, 2010
Subject: Great Show
I was at this show - went primarily to see G-love so thanks for posting. It was a great day - hot and humid as you said.

The show was actually on the Saturday 17th not the Sunday as you've listed. I know this because I had to fly home on the Sunday morning and missed going to see the Dead in NJ on the Sunday :o(

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